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Dental Implants Are Ideal for Replacing Teeth

If you are experiencing missing teeth, failing teeth, or chronic dental problems, there may be several options for you to get a healthy smile back. For missing teeth, however, only one will give you the comfort and security that offers all the fit, feel, and function of your natural teeth – Dental Implants!

    Typically there are three parts to tooth replacement with a dental implant:

  • First: The implant is placed into the jaw bone to serve as the root for the new tooth. Implants are typically made of medical-grade titanium, the same metal used in many joint replacements.
  • Second: Once it is determined that the implant is firmly joined to the bone, an element is attached to the implant that extends through the soft tissue. This element is called the abutment and will support the new, replaced tooth.
  • Third: A crown (or cap) is made that will restore function and esthetics for the patient. The crown is fabricated with a highly durable material that will look and feel like the natural tooth it is replacing.

Dental implants have been recognized as the most significant dental innovation of our generation. Our bone actually grows and attaches itself to the medical-grade titanium which results in a replacement tooth that looks and feels completely natural. Dental implants also preserve your jawbone, which becomes vulnerable to shrinkage over time once teeth are lost.

So What Exactly is a Dental Implant?

Dental implants are small titanium post placed in the bone beneath the gums, where they serve as a replacement tooth roots. Titanium is osteophilic, which means it loves the bone; bone cells will actually attach and integrate with it. The body of the implant includes ridges or threads like a wood screw that also help it anchor to the bone. Dental implants provide immovable support for the natural-looking replacement teeth that are attached to them.