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One of the first things we will complete when you come to My Rivertown Dentist as a new patient is a comprehensive oral exam. This exam is incredibly important and allows us to assess and diagnose your smile’s health properly. It usually includes intraoral visual exam, x-rays, and periodontal charting – which simply means that we will carefully look at your mouth as a whole, evaluating:

  • Teeth – both the surface and below the surface to check the health of your pulp, nerves, and roots
  • Gums – measuring your gum pockets and evaluating the firmness and resilience of the tissue itself
  • Oral tissue including cheeks, lips, and tongue – checking for sores, pimples, swelling, spots, or other abnormalities
  • Bone structure supporting your teeth to ensure that there is no bone loss happening or infection spreading
  • Jaw function to make sure you aren’t at risk for TMJ disorder

Once Dr. Lee and our team collect the necessary information, we will talk to you about what your needs and desires might be, explain your options for moving forward, and work with you to plan a course of action to address any areas of concern.