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Headaches make life hard. They keep you from feeling vital and can even affect your work performance. If you suffer from daily headaches, you aren’t alone. Some estimates suggest that over ten million people deal with chronic headaches. Many of these patients don’t know what is causing their pain. Some have been to doctor after doctor and have been told that they are suffering from stress or depression. When these patients finally make it to My Rivertown Dentist, we often discover that the root of their problem is TMJ disorder. We can help!
Dr. Lee is specially trained in the Centric Relation approach to TMJ care at the prestigious Dawson Academy. To treat your disorder, we start by analyzing any jaw sounds you may have and checking your range of motion. Once we have established that your problem really does stem from your jaw, we have a variety of non-invasive solutions and treatments including bite- splint therapy – appliances that can be comfortably worn to place your jaw in its most comfortable, natural stable position. These splints can also help protect your teeth against bruxism or clenching and grinding which is a common symptom– and often the root cause– of TMJ disorder. We also recommend adjunct physical therapy for complete relief.