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X-rays are a another crucial part of the dental diagnostic process. Depending on your particular situation we recommend x-rays from every six months (for people with a history of major dental issues) to every few years. Dental x-rays allow us to see below the surface of your teeth and the surrounding tissue to get a clear view of what is happening in your mouth. We use x-rays to:

  • Reveal areas of decay in teeth, especially between teeth, that can’t be seen with the naked eye
  • Check for decay below old fillings
  • Identify bone loss as a result of gum disease or other factors
  • Show abscesses or other infections at the tooth’s root
  • Reveal cysts, tumors, or other abnormalities
  • Check for problems with wisdom teeth
  • Determine if baby teeth are developing properly and allowing adult teeth to come in as needed
  • Determine placement of implant posts

Because we care about our Madison patient family’s well-being, we use only digital technology for our x-rays—even our panoramic x-rays and cone beam devices are digital! That means much lower radiation for you and your family and much less impact on the environment.

    We offer:

  • Digital x-rays to see what is happening under the surface
  • Panoramic x-rays to get a complete, 360-degree view of your head and neck
  • Kavo Op 3D ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH for cephalometric and cone-beam 3D imaging

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