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If a tooth has suffered too much damage to be repaired with dental bonding or a filling, or you need a root canal or a tooth replacement, porcelain dental crowns from My Rivertown Dentist are just the thing your smile needs. Dr. Lee uses only the finest labs or her own cad/cam technology to custom-make each crown and will make sure that it is created not only of materials that look beautifully natural in your smile, but that each crown is constructed and fitted with the balance of your bite in mind. We are able to keep these restorations completely metal-free because of the advancement in dental materials – that means no dark line around your margins and no noticeable difference between your natural teeth and your restored teeth. Porcelain dental crowns perform many different functions including:

  • Repairing even severely broken or decayed teeth
  • Capping and sealing a root canal
  • To hold a dental bridge in place
  • To act as a new tooth in combination with a dental implant post