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No one likes to discover that they have a cavity. We certainly don’t like giving you the news! But we have a great alternative to dark metal fillings that not only discolor your smile but also can cause cracks and fractures which eventually and progressively can lead to the need for larger and larger fillings or even crowns. My Rivertown Dentist’s team thinks that conservative dentistry is best so we always offer our Madison patients metal-free, tooth-colored fillings. These modern fillings are made of tooth-colored composite resin and are a safer, more attractive, alternative to metal.

They conservatively restore your teeth to strength and return your smile to beauty. Plus, because each metal-free filling placed by Dr. Lee is custom shaded to match the tooth it is repairing, you will never have to be embarrassed to throw back your head and laugh because you want to hide all the metal in your mouth, and your kids will feel more confident and less distressed by cavities as well. Best of all, composite fillings will not shift with temperature changes in your mouth (such as when you drink hot or cold beverages) which can lead to cracking and tooth damage.