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Ask My Rivertown Dentist: Is There An Alternative to Braces?

added on: March 12, 2021
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The short answer to your question is: YES!

If you or one of your kiddos is going to need braces or orthodontic treatment in the future, we want you to take a minute and read this blog. What we have to share with you is exciting and relatively groundbreaking for a dental office in Madison. (It could also save you thousands of dollars on braces!)

Straighter Teeth and Improved Breathing? Yes, Please!

Under the expert guidance of Dr. Ashley Lee, both she and the My Rivertown Dentist team have partnered with Vivos Therapeutics and The Institute for Craniofacial Medicine, the only relationship of its kind in a dental office in Madison. Dr. Lee and team compile a comprehensive variety of diagnostic materials such as x-rays and digital images that we send our trusted partners. In return, we receive your completely customized treatment plan that details your path to dental health success. We can achieve amazing results you have to see to believe for both children and adult patients. 

The appliances and treatment techniques Dr. Lee uses are generally half the cost of what you would pay for traditional orthodontics such as braces. It’s an advanced, effective option we’re exclusively offering to patients at My Rivertown Dentist. Our aim is to help patients of all ages by safely straightening teeth and improving breathing through and early, non-invasive treatment like appliance therapy that’s way more comfortable than a mouth full of metal braces. Forget about other aligner therapies or unnecessary surgeries, we’ve found the easiest, best way to help yourself, and especially your little one has a beautiful smile and healthy developmental growth that rids them of harmful sleep apnea for a lifetime.

Fast, Reliable Results You’re Going to Love

When using our innovative appliance therapy with children, there are some big benefits compared to waiting and having them undergo orthodontic treatment down the road, including:

  • A positive effect on your child’s health early in life where their developing dentition is locked into the correct alignment before adult teeth are locked permanently into place.
  • Correcting a child’s oral habits and ensuring that they’re able to breathe through their nose without issue, instead of their mouth.
  • Giving you much faster, natural oral health improvements to address teeth misalignment compared to braces that rely on mechanical force and a much slower process.

What more could you ask for?

There’s so much more we’d like to tell you and questions we’d love to answer. Please stay tuned to Dr. Lee and the team at My Rivertown Dentist to learn more. You’re always encouraged to reach out to us and schedule a hassle-free comprehensive consultation and examination. Get ready to be amazed!