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What is a Guided Eruption Device?
added on: November 30, 2022

There are many unique and innovative ways we help patients of all ages at My Rivertown Dentist. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Ashley Lee, we take dentistry to the next level, going beyond routine cleanings and checkups for full-body health you won’t find anywhere else. One of the treatments… Read More…

Do Whitening Strips Weaken Teeth? 
added on: November 24, 2022

Many people wish that they had a whiter, brighter smile. In fact, 37 million Americans used some sort of teeth-whitening product in 2020 alone. While there are many different options when it comes to smile-whitening products, most are choosing the easier, cheaper, and more convenient option of over-the-counter whitening strips…. Read More…

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What Age Should Kids See the Dentist?
added on: November 10, 2022

At My Rivertown Dentist, there’s no hiding or denying how much we love kids and pediatric dentistry. It’s gratifying to watch a little one grow up, loving their smile and feeling confident in all they do — all thanks to you, the intelligent parent! Parents are just as important to… Read More…

Smoking Can Affect More Than Your Lungs
added on: November 9, 2022

It’s a well-known fact that smoking can affect your lungs, heart, and other parts of your body. But did you know that smoking can also cause trouble with your oral health? In fact, smokers are at increased risk for several diseases and complications that affect the mouth, teeth, and gums…. Read More…

Kids Cavity Care for Parents Without Headaches
added on: October 30, 2022

At My Rivertown Dentist, we don’t have to sugarcoat it — kids get cavities. When they do, we want you to come to see Dr. Ashley Lee and Dr. Sarah G. Hasewinkle for a different kind of experience in dealing with these pesky dental dilemmas. As your dentist in Madison,… Read More…

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Sedation Relaxation at My Rivertown Dentist
added on: October 23, 2022

Relaxing and seeing your dentist in Madison, IN, for some people, don’t go hand and hand. Dental anxiety or phobia of having your teeth cleaned is a real thing. According to U.S researchers, anywhere between 50 to 80 percent of adults will admit to some degree of dental anxiety.  Their… Read More…

Is It Possible to Reshape Sharp Teeth? 
added on: October 21, 2022

It’s not uncommon for people to feel self-conscious about the way their smile looks. From gaps to crooked teeth, and even pointy teeth, there are plenty of things patients would like to fix about their smile. Good thing there are numerous types of cosmetic dentistry options available from your dentist… Read More…

Why Am I So Scared of Going to The Dentist? 
added on: October 9, 2022

Dentophobia, or fear of the dentist, affects an estimated 36% of the American adult population, all with varying degrees of dental fear. From a little bit of uncertainty to a feeling of anxiousness and a flat-out phobia, there are many reasons why someone may feel uneasy about seeing their dentist… Read More…

What to Know About Going to The Dentist While Pregnant
added on: September 22, 2022

If you’re an expectant mother, you probably have a lot of questions – especially if this is your first pregnancy. What you may not be thinking about is what you need to know about going to the dentist when you’re pregnant. Don’t worry! Your dentist in Madison is here to… Read More…

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Your Dentist, ADHD, and Sleep Apnea: A Parents Guide
added on: September 21, 2022

As your family dentist in Madison, IN, we wanted to see if you noticed a trend that seems to be growing. It has to do with ADHD or Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. (Why we care about this is something we’ll discuss later in the blog.) More children than ever before are being… Read More…

What Drinks Rot Your Teeth?
added on: September 8, 2022

What we eat and drink can certainly affect our overall health. But did you know they can also affect dental health? Some beverages are beneficial for teeth while others can wreak havoc in your mouth. Tune in as your dentist in Madison talks about which drinks you should enjoy regularly and… Read More…

What is Myofunctional Therapy?
added on: August 26, 2022

As a parent, you want your kids to have excellent oral health. At My Rivertown Dentist, we understand this and offer myofunctional therapy and neuromuscular dentistry to restore your kids’ oral health. Dr. Ashley Lee tailors myofunctional therapy based on your kid’s orofacial disorder.  Your dentist in Madison, IN, recommends… Read More…

Signs of Sleep Apnea You Should Know About
added on: August 20, 2022

Sleep apnea is a serious condition that can affect both children and adults. It can cause some concerning overall health issues and, in children, behavior concerns. Recognizing the signs of sleep apnea is one of the most important ways you can help spot a problem and seek treatment. In this… Read More…

How Often Should You Brush Your Teeth? 
added on: August 8, 2022

Even if you see your dentist in Madison twice a year for exams and cleanings, it’s crucial that you also take excellent care of your teeth at home between visits. Following a good oral hygiene routine of brushing and flossing can also help your oral health and overall health. So how… Read More…

Can Children Inherit Their Parents’ Oral Health Problems?
added on: July 28, 2022

Helping your child protect their oral health is one of the most important steps you can take as a parent. After all, good oral health is an essential part of living an overall healthy life. If you have experienced dental concerns, such as cavities or gum disease, you may wonder… Read More…

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