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Cosmetic Dentistry

Beautiful Madison Smiles Start Here

Beautiful smiles may be great to look at, but when they are achieved through modern cosmetic dentistry techniques from a comprehensive dentist like Dr. Lee at My Rivertown Dentist, those gorgeous smiles are sure to be just as healthy as they are attractive.

Because our dental team believes so completely in the ideals of comprehensive dentistry, we never just make sure things look aesthetically pleasing – we also make sure that the foundation of your smile is sound, that your gums are healthy, and that every restoration from porcelain veneers and composite bonding to crowns and tooth implants are properly balanced to prevent TMJ disorder and keep your gorgeous smile looking amazing for years to come.

Why a Beautiful Smile Matters

We celebrate all kinds of smiles and love the uniqueness that everyone shows when they laugh. We also know that some cosmetic issues can cause more discomfort than they are worth.

Sometimes cosmetic dental problems, like staining, longer canines, or minor overbites mainly affect your confidence. Other times, especially if you have missing, broken, or severely crooked teeth, your health can suffer just as much as your morale, leading to things like headaches, cavities, tooth infections and loss, and gum disease (which has been linked to all kinds of systemic-health issues).

    We believe that both things are equally important.

  • Without confidence in the appearance of your teeth, you will constantly miss out of the health-and life- affirming benefits of smiling and laughing
  • Without oral health, you will be susceptible to increasing health risks and damage

Let your health go beautifully hand-in-hand with your confidence with our Madison cosmetic dentistry options. Your smile is worth it…and so are you!

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are one of the small miracles of dentistry – and a patient favorite here at My Rivertown Dentist. Not only will they perfect the appearance of each tooth, giving you the smile of your dreams, porcelain dental veneers also strengthen and restore.

Each tooth veneer is created from pure porcelain – a material that has proven its worth both in durability and in mimicking natural teeth surfaces–and individually crafted for ideal color, fit, and translucency. We work closely with our dental labs to make sure each tooth looks absolutely natural and attractive in your smile, while also fitting your personality and achieving your desired look. Usually, creating your gorgeous smile takes only two visits – one for evaluation and molds, and one for application of the completed veneers.

    Our porcelain dental veneers can:

  • Lengthen short or worn-down teeth
  • Perfect an uneven smile line
  • Repair cracks, chips, and breaks
  • Strengthen weak and brittle front teeth
  • Close minor gaps
  • Straighten small overlaps and crookedness
  • Cover deep stains and discolorations

Clearly, porcelain dental veneers are the ideal choice for anyone who wants a stronger, more beautiful smile – fast!

Full-Mouth Restoration

While the name “full-mouth restoration” sounds a lot like one procedure, this beautifying option is more like a collection of dental procedures tailored to meet your particular needs.

  • Are your gums infected and jeopardizing your smile and your overall health? Periodontal care can remove and heal infection.
  • Are your teeth worn and broken from clenching, grinding, accidents, or a less than ideal diet? Porcelain dental crowns and veneers can bring those teeth back to strength and beauty.
  • Are your teeth stained or discolored? Our teeth whitening can bring back the brightness.
  • Are your gums or teeth uneven and unattractive? Tooth and gum contouring can take care of the details.
  • Do you have old fillings that might be failing, affecting your health, or damaging your teeth? We can replace them with tooth-colored fillings or crowns.
  • Are your teeth crooked, gapped or out of balance? We can help align your smile with ClearCorrect invisible braces.
  • Are you missing a tooth or teeth? We can replace them with the natural function, comfort, and beauty of dental implants.
  • Do you have old bridges, partials, or dentures that feel uncomfortable, make you look older than necessary, and don’t protect your jawbone? We can stop further bone loss and give you renewed freedom with implant-retained dentures and bridges.
  • Do you have chronic headaches or jaw pain? We can offer relief with our TMJ disorder treatments.

If you answered yes to more than one of these questions, a full-mouth restoration might be just what the doctor ordered.

Whatever you need, we will look at your mouth and body as a whole while we repair damage, restore your smile, and balance your bite. The processes and the results are as individual as our patients.

Gum Recontouring

Is there more pink in your smile than white? Do your teeth recede into the background while your gums take center stage? You might be dealing with gum overgrowth, a common malady that can affect people of all ages. Gum overgrowth, also known as gingival hyperplasia, can creep up on you for a number of reasons including:

  • Braces, especially with insufficient hygiene
  • Certain medications and illnesses
  • Hormones, particularly during pregnancy
  • Gum disease
  • Heredity

The truth is, gum overgrowth is not only unattractive, but it can also be painful and cause difficulties with bleeding, plaque buildup, and even bad breath.

Gum contouring from My Rivertown Dentist can quickly and painlessly sculpt and contour overgrown gums, revealing your teeth and giving you a brighter, wider, healthier smile. We use the advanced technology of soft-tissue lasers instead of scalpels and sutures because the laser heals as it works. That means there is often no need for Novocain, no bleeding, and no stitches! You’ll leave with a smile you can instantly show off and feel proud of.

Composite Bonding

While porcelain veneers may be the premier way to correct imperfections and strengthen your teeth, composite bonding can be the perfect choice to do many of the same things–at a lower cost and with less commitment. And while composite bonding is not as strong or stain resistant as porcelain veneers, cosmetic dental bonding is a great choice for kids and teens who want to:

  • Repair chips, cracks, and breaks
  • Close small gaps
  • Cover intrinsic stains or white spots

In addition, composite bonding can help protect areas of receding gums, or exposed tooth roots – even on the front teeth of discriminating adults.

Because composite bonding is done right here in our office, there is no need to take impressions or wait for a lab to create the restorations. Instead, Dr. Lee will custom shade the bonding material to match your surrounding teeth or create the ideal brightness, apply the composite bonding material directly to your tooth or teeth, sculpt it to just the right shape, and polish it so it looks completely natural.

Tooth Recontouring

Sometimes all that bothers you about your teeth is their symmetry and the way they line up with each other. That’s when tooth recontouring from My Rivertown Dentist in Madison can make all the difference. Tooth recontouring (sometimes referred to as tooth reshaping or enameloplasty) is gently and beautifully accomplished combining Dr. Lee’s artful eye and steady hand and a precision burr polisher similar to the ones used by fine craftsmen and jewelers. Because your enamel does not contain nerve endings, there is usually no need for any kind of anesthetic. Tooth recontouring can be a great way to solve minor cosmetic issues such as:

  • Chips, cracks, or dings that are too small to warrant a full restoration
  • Uneven or irregular tooth edges
  • Unusually long or large teeth such as enlarged canines
  • Slight overlaps

Remember, tooth contouring is best for minor irregularities. Because Dr. Lee is limited in the amount of enamel she can remove, if you need more than small adjustments, you may want to talk to us about other available procedures such as perfecting with porcelain veneers.

Orthodontics : ClearCorrect

Are your teeth crooked, gapped, overlapped, or out of alignment? Do you wish you could have braces but worry about how traditional, metal aligners will affect your appearance? My Rivertown Dentist can help you achieve the smile of your dreams while maintaining your normal appearance with ClearCorrect invisible braces. ClearCorrect’s customized aligners are, as their name suggests, clear. That means that they are barely noticeable when you speak, smile, and laugh. What’s more ClearCorrect braces can be removed for meals and to brush and floss your teeth. No foods to avoid, no messes stuck in your wires, and no special cleaning procedure. But their clarity and convenience don’t make them any less effective.

These aligners are powerful and work as well, in many cases, as metal braces. In fact, the concept of these dental aligners is the same as for any braces – applying directional force to move your teeth into ideal position. The big difference is that instead of tightening wires, we will swap your aligners as you progress. Professionals, musicians, speakers, and performers love them because they can be removed and therefore will not interfere with performance, and young people love them because they are non-abrasive and smooth and won’t make embarrassing changes to their appearance.

Teeth Whitening

There are so many ways to whiten teeth these days – from toothpaste and gum to over-the-counter drugstore bleaching strips. Of course, you can also choose professional take-home kits and in-office smile whitening methods that take about an hour in the dental chair. Some methods are effective but can cause extreme tooth sensitivity, while others don’t seem to do anything at all. That’s why My Rivertown Dentist has chosen to offer only KöR in-office deep bleaching to our Madison patients. Invented by whitening expert Dr. Rod Kurthy, the KöR whitening system is the most effective system available–in the world! It is so effective, it is the only recognized system to whiten tetracycline stained teeth!

KöR also uses a proprietary method that offers outstanding results while minimizing sensitivity. Here’s the big difference: KöR is the only whitening system in the world to be constantly refrigerated from the instant of manufacture until it is applied to your teeth. That refrigeration not only ensures freshness and effectiveness, it also minimizes reactions in your teeth for far less pain and discomfort during and after your bleaching procedure. In fact, it is so comfortable, we recommend it for everyone from age 14 to 104! The tooth whitening procedure only takes about an hour – imagine going up to ten shades whiter in 60, short minutes!

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