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Transformative Solutions for Airway Health and Craniofacial Development with Vivos

added on: April 2, 2024

The Vivos daytime-nighttime appliance (DNA) works by applying gentle pressure to the palate, ultimately expanding it into the correct positioning. The mandibular repositioning nighttime appliance (mRNA) is used to correct the lower jaw into the proper position. These appliances can be used to alleviate airway issues by repositioning the patient’s jawbone, allowing for easier breathing and a more sound sleep experience.

Adjusting Airway Health with the Vivos Appliance 

The Vivos oral appliance is a nonsurgical option to facilitate proper growth and facial development. Taking advantage of the body’s natural ability to self-correct, the appliance has been designed to gently widen and reshape a patient’s upper arch. This allows for airways to be more open, resulting in better breathing and more restful sleep and alleviated TMJ symptoms.

Patients should expect their Vivos treatment to last between 18-24 months, depending on the complexity of their case. The device should be worn for 12-16 hours a day and compliance with this number can help to shorten the overall treatment period.

Through gentle vibrations during daily activities such as breathing, chewing, and talking, the Vivos device stimulates stem cells to become active. These cells promote bone and soft tissue growth. This growth can help facial symmetry, provide the tongue with additional space to move, and even align teeth into a more comfortable position.

Patients suffering from chronic airway issues, such as sleep apnea, may experience other health problems such as cardiovascular disease and hypertension. The Vivos appliance was designed to be a nonsurgical treatment for these problems, leaving patients with increased quality of life.

How Vivos Encourages Craniofacial Development 

Craniofacial development issues can include underdeveloped jawbones, tongue ties, and nasal structural anomalies. These developmental abnormalities can result in dental problems, as well as breathing and sleep disorders.

During an evaluation, a Vivos-trained dentist can assess airway and facial structure and tailor a treatment plan for optimal positioning. The appliance will then be customized based on your airway measurements to make micro-adjustments that are painless and minimally invasive.

My Rivertown Dentist has partnered with The Institute for Craniofacial Medicine to provide patients with comprehensive treatment plans using the Vivos technology. The Vivos DNA appliance is similar to a retainer and gently repositions individual teeth and the jaw. This process has been designed to mimic the natural craniofacial movements that occur during development — leaving the patient with optimal functionality without discomfort.

Learn More About Vivos Today

If you or a loved one are experiencing restrictive airway issues or craniofacial development problems, Ashley Lee and the team at My Rivertown Dentist welcome you to schedule an appointment to discuss treatment options. The revolutionary Vivos technology may be an effective method for treating these ailments! My Rivertown Dentist is proud to partner with Vivos and strives to bring patients revolutionary technology and nonsurgical options for oral health issues.