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Balancing Oral Health and Wellness for Kids

added on: November 15, 2023

Parents have the responsibility to teach their children correct oral hygiene practices and to ensure that their dental health is in harmony with their whole body health. Children suffering from painful gums, uncomfortable bites, and cavities are unable to be 100% healthy. Kids can suffer from “adult” dental issues such as gingivitis just the same, so it’s fundamental that they brush twice a day, floss, and attend regular dental checkups and cleanings.

How Nutrition Impacts Your Child’s Teeth

When your child receives the proper nutrients in their diet, their overall well-being is boosted and their dental health is strengthened against decay and gum disease. Children who consume high amounts of sugary beverages and processed snacks are more prone to infection, especially if their hygiene habits are inconsistent.

Doctors recommend whole fruits, veggies, and healthy fats along with whole grains, lean proteins, and a variety of nuts and legumes to sustain a healthy diet. The calcium found in cheese can help to protect teeth by increasing the mouth’s pH levels and producing more saliva. The beta-carotene found in dark leafy greens can work to extend enamel. Making healthy choices each day can boost oral health, as well as whole-body health, which leads to healthier, happier children.

Common Oral Health Issues in Children

Aside from setting your child up for success in terms of a nutrient-dense diet, tackling issues such as mouth breathing and tongue tie early on can prevent the child from suffering developmental setbacks. Excessive mouth breathing can lead to facial abnormalities and tongue tie prevents the tongue from moving freely, causing difficulties with speech patterns and oral hygiene. Myofunctional therapy is a noninvasive solution that promotes proper breathing techniques, speech patterns and combats bite issues.

Despite baby teeth falling out on their own, there is such a thing as early tooth loss. Losing these baby teeth prematurely can result in digestive issues, improper development of permanent teeth, and poorer nutrition due to the child being unable to chew solid foods. Pediatric dentists can help to avoid these issues through education and preventative maintenance.

Whole Body Pediatric Dentistry in Madison, INĀ 

The team at My Rivertown Dentist understands the importance of addressing issues early on, such as mouth breathing and tongue tie. Our thorough exams enable us to proactively address signs of sleep-disordered breathing and underdeveloped jaws. Early intervention with myofunctional therapy can teach proper breathing techniques and potentially eliminate the need for orthodontic work later in life.

We also collaborate with specialists in the area, such as ENT professionals, chiropractors, and oral surgeons. Dr. Ashley Lee can help develop a personalized treatment plan for your child to prevent worsening symptoms or habits that can potentially lead to more serious issues.