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Does Stress and Anxiety Affect Your Oral Health?

added on: September 28, 2022
My Rivertown Dentist in Madison

Did you know that stress and anxiety can pose a risk to your oral health? Especially at this time of the year, with the holidays in full gear, pressure can reach new heights. That’s where your dentist in Madison, IN, is super important to ensure you’re never at risk.

Under the expert guidance of Dr. Ashley Lee, we can use advanced training and technology to help with early detection that will save your jaw, gums, teeth, and body from stress effects. This benefits you in so many ways, both short and long-term. 

Let My Rivertown Dentist show you what health conditions to be on the lookout for that could be caused by anxiety or stress.

What the Studies Show

A 2021 article published by the American Dental Association found that over 70 percent of dentists the organization surveyed said they noticed an increase in patients experiencing clenching and teeth grinding. (At our dental office in Madison, we tend to see the same.) These issues are often related to stress or anxiety. 

Forget About It

When you’ve been stressed, sometimes the last thing you care about is taking care of yourself. A diet without rules and inattention to your teeth can cause deterioration or cavities. It can also mean you’re more prone to indulging in comfort foods high in sugars and carbohydrates. This can also lead to poor at-home oral hygiene routines. You might skip brushing and flossing, which is not good for you or your smile.

A Sore Subject

Stress is well-known for triggering sores in and around your mouth. Canker sores are mouth ulcers that form on your gums and cheeks. They generally appear as lesions on your lips or corners of your mouth. Cold sores can occur when you’re overly anxious or worried too.

What Can My Rivertown Dentist Do For You?

Our Madison dental office is leaps and bounds above the competition thanks to our unique partnership with The Institute for Craniofacial Medicine and Vivos Therapeutics. We can help alleviate your issues in innovative ways that improve your teeth alignment, airway issues, and sleep apnea. All these things can be related to and brought on by stress, not to mention all of the problems we discussed today.

It’s time to stress less. Are you overdue for a visit? Feeling anxious? My Rivertown Dentist can show you how to feel good about your oral and overall health with treatments exclusive to our dental office in Madison, IN. Relax, and talk to us about scheduling an appointment today.