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Forget All the Bad Things You’ve Heard About Root Canals

added on: July 17, 2023
My Rivertown Dentist in Madison

For people who are fearful of visiting the dentist, the root canal is likely the procedure that resides at the top of their list. The term “root canal” comes along with a pretty ugly reputation, so we are here to set the record straight. 

If you think that you might need a root canal, don’t put off contacting our office to schedule an appointment. As we’ll discuss below, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that going through a root canal is not the painful experience you might think it to be, and the results will work wonders for your oral health. 

Understanding the Problem

Patients who require a root canal treatment have an infection in a tooth or teeth. This infection can be very painful, which is why root canal treatments are often scheduled and performed quickly to offer the patient relief as soon as possible. It often isn’t a surprise to a patient to find out that they need a root canal, as the pain that they have been experiencing leading up to that diagnosis tells the whole story. 

The Basics of a Root Canal Procedure

The goal of a root canal is to get rid of the infection that is leading to so much pain for the patient. This is done by creating access to the root of the tooth and using a tool that has been designed to get into that tight space and flush it out. When the infection is gone, a porcelain crown is used to close everything up and leave the patient feeling comfortable once again. 

So, what about the nightmare stories or images you have in mind about how bad it is to go through a root canal? They can be dismissed entirely. Yes, having a root canal involves going through some pain, but that pain is occurring prior to the procedure, not because of it. When in the hands of a trusted dentist or endodontist, you can be sure that you’ll be cared for correctly and that the root canal procedure will be a source of relief, not pain. 

Lasting Results

What you want out of a root canal is not only temporary relief from pain but lasting relief that won’t require you to seek further treatment in short order. Fortunately, a quality root canal procedure that is finished by topping the teeth with a crown should last well over a decade – and perhaps even a lifetime. This is a case where getting it done right the first time will keep paying off for many years to come. 

When our patients go through a root canal procedure, they are often pleasantly surprised at how easy the whole process can be. If you have built it up in your mind as this scary event that you need to avoid, take a moment to reach out today and find out more. Armed with accurate information and working with the trusted team at My Rivertown Dentist, you’ll be ready to conquer your root canal and enjoy better oral health than you have in years.