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Has it Been a While Since You’ve Seen the Team at My Rivertown Dentist?

added on: June 16, 2021
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No matter what your answer — whether it’s been six months or sixteen years — there’s always a seat for you at My Rivertown dentist in Madison. What’s the biggest reason for you missing an appointment here and there? Is it time? Is it due to financial reasons? 

Is part of it due to some deep-rooted anxiety or fear? That’s where we’re here for you and your smile.

Everyone Has A Little Anxiety

There was a recent VICE article aimed at how to help patients like you stop avoiding the dentist. They spoke with Cameron L. Randall, a clinical psychologist and assistant professor at the University of Washington School of Dentistry in Seattle. He said that most people are surprised to learn just how common dental anxiety or phobia actually is. Randall explains that “dental anxiety and dental fear exists on a kind of a spectrum. It’s not that people are either fearful of the dentist or not; there really is a range in the severity or intensity of the fear.” 

Where you fall in this category can greatly impact how often you visit or avoid seeing your Madison dentist. The article says that according to Randall, about half of American report some sort of “mild to moderate dental anxiety. Beyond that about “20 percent of people experience more significant distress or even avoidance, and 10 percent or so have dental phobia that causes them to delay visits for a long time or avoid seeking treatment altogether.”

“Terrified of Going to the Dentist”

“Fantastic first experience [at My Rivertown Dentist.] Terrified of going to the dentist, but having such understanding and respect was appreciated greatly. Katie was exceptional, knowledgeable, and so kind. They make sure you leave understanding what you need. Also, totally thankful for a dentist in Madison offering sedation dentistry options. Highly recommend” – Alice N. (Actual patient; 5-star Google review)

You’re not alone! And, yes, under the expert guidance of Dr. Ashley Lee, My Rivertown Dentist is pleased to offer you sedation options to help soothe your worries and fears. She can ensure your comfort and safety, having completed extensive training and having certification in Conscious Sedation through DOCs Education, one of the most highly respected sedation-dentistry training facilities in the nation. DOCS Education courses have earned the distinction of featuring America’s Best Dental Faculty for almost 20 years!

Stop Worry and Start Loving Your Smile

After we speak with you and find a sedation solution we can all feel comfortable about, then we’ll be able to focus on planning your course of treatment on a path that lends itself to your schedule and budget. From general dentistry to sleep apnea help based on our findings and expert research and findings from The Institute for Craniofacial Medicine, we can even see beyond routine smile care for our patients using special oral appliances created by Vivos designed to help guide jaw development. Contact My Rivertown Dentist in Madison today to ask questions and learn more about sedation dentistry.