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How My Rivertown Dentist Can Dramatically Improve Your Child’s Life and Wellbeing

added on: October 6, 2021
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Are you a parent of a child who struggles with emotional problems or has difficulty in school? Maybe they have trouble sleeping? Do they snore? It’s easy for childhood conditions to get misdiagnosed or go undiagnosed and untreated when these symptoms are present. Just ask the talented team (and fellow parents) at My Rivertown Dentist. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Ashley Lee, she’s partnered with Courtney Mathews to provide solutions and relief for patients and parents who are struggling. Keep reading to learn more!

What is Myofunctional Therapy?

To better understand how we help patients at My Rivertown Dentist, you’ll want to get a basic understanding of something called Myofunctional Therapy. This treatment is a natural practice that is exercise-based. Sometimes it helps to think of it as a type of physical therapy focusing on the muscles in your mouth, tongue, and face. We can train your muscles through specific movements for improved breathing, speaking, chewing, and swallowing — all essential functions we need to succeed each day. When these things are out of whack or following some improper patterns, it can lead to additional health problems for your kiddo, including:

Myofunctional Therapy gives our team the ability to help you and your family prevent, evaluate, and treat various health issues. 

Who Can Benefit?

Sleep specialists widely use Myofunctional Therapy to improve breathing problems during sleep, especially in children. Dentists and orthodontists are concerned about movement in your teeth, especially when your tongue pushes against them. Typically, the tongue should rest comfortably with the tip placed behind your front teeth. Through Dr. Lee’s partnership with Vivos Therapeutics, you can get a comprehensive examination and consultation designed to detect any issues with a child’s airway, such as airway development, swallowing patterns, and breathing that might even be linked to sleep apnea. Based on this and expert research and findings from The Institute for Craniofacial Medicine, we can see beyond routine smile care for your child and possibly change their lives for the better. 

We’re the only dental office in Madison that’s poised to provide Myofunctional Therapy through Courtney Mathews — a trusted Oral Myofunctional Therapist. She brings her experience helping kids and adults develop healthy breathing habits. Inspired by the possibilities of this natural, homeopathic treatment method, she has named her area of expertise Inspire at Rivertown. Would you like to learn more about what you read here today? Schedule an appointment today at My Rivertown Dentist!