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How to Help Your Kid Who Grinds Their Teeth at Night

added on: December 26, 2022
My Rivertown Dentist in Madison

Teeth grinding in kids is more common than most parents think. About three out of every ten kids tend to grind their teeth before age five, according to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The good news from your pediatric dentists in Madison, Dr. Ashley Lee and Dr. Sarah G. Hasewinkle, is that there’s no considerable cause for alarm regarding bruxism or teeth grinding. Did you know that most kiddos outgrow grinding by their sixth birthday?

Do you suspect your little one is grinding their teeth during sleep? Let My Rivertown Dentist show you why this might be occurring and what options you have to help your child sleep better. We want to resolve the issue as comfortably as possible to help minimize the damage grinding can do to their precious smiles. This blog will dig a little deeper and show you what’s important to know about teeth grinding or bruxism. 

Common Causes for Teeth Grinding in Kids

One of the  biggest questions we get as Madison pediatric dentists are, “why is my child grinding their teeth?” The causes vary from person to person, but there are a few commonalities that you’ll want to know about. The #1 issue that causes your child to grind their teeth is due to teething or improper tooth alignment. Here are some other causes to be aware of:

  • In response to pain – A nagging earache or tooth pain due to teething can trigger grinding. We often find that the pressure of the grinding provides pain relief. 
  • Bite problems – When your child’s bite isn’t quite right, this is called malocclusion, meaning their teeth don’t fit together the way they should. The imbalance created by all of this can contribute to teeth grinding in kids. 
  • A form of stress relief – Kids have stress and anxiety too, just like adults do. In response, they might clench their jaw and grind their teeth throughout the night. 

Does any of this sound familiar to you? Is your child showing signs of grinding, such as jaw pain, soreness, and tightness? Don’t hesitate to call and schedule a comfortable consultation with you and your child with the caring, knowledgeable team at My Rivertown Dentist in Madison. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Ashley Lee, she can show you more about pediatric dentistry and minimally-invasive solutions that work for everyone — parents and kids! Who doesn’t love that? Contact us today, and let’s get to the bottom of this teeth-grinding problem for good!