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Kids Cavity Care for Parents Without Headaches

added on: October 30, 2022
My Rivertown Dentist in Madison

At My Rivertown Dentist, we don’t have to sugarcoat it — kids get cavities. When they do, we want you to come to see Dr. Ashley Lee and Dr. Sarah G. Hasewinkle for a different kind of experience in dealing with these pesky dental dilemmas.

As your dentist in Madison, IN, we want to tell you that we go above and beyond treating your little ones using SMART treatment. Good, great, but what does this mean for you as a parent? It’s simple. There’s NO:

  • Anesthesia
  • Drilling
  • Headaches (for you)
  • Anxiety (for them)

For us, all we’re left with is happy patients, patients, and healthier smiles! Read on to find out what you want to know before your next appointment at My Rivertown Dentist. 

What’s so Smart about SMART?

SMART stands for Silver Modified Atraumatic Restorative Treatment. It’s a minimally-invasive technique that’s a quick, pain-free option for treating cavities in children of all ages. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Ashley Lee, patients will receive an application of Silver Diamine Fluoride directly to the damaged tooth. It will cause remineralization within the cavity, with the tooth fully restored about two to four weeks later. 

We use silver compounds, a natural antimicrobial with glass ionomer cement, and BPA-free filling material for aesthetic, durable results. This is the perfect cavity solution for young, anxious children who are opposed to:

  • Shots
  • Drilling
  • Sedation
  • General anesthesia

We can show you so many benefits at our dental office in Madison, where we’re always welcoming new families. 

What Parents Can Expect at My Rivertown Dentist

If your little one develops a cavity in one of their primary molars, we can seal decay under a safe, stainless steel crown. It’s quick, and we don’t have to fire up the drill or rely on any anesthesia. We’ve found that even kids who are a little nervous about having dental work do well with this technique.

Everything we do for you and your family is based on extensive research backed by years of experience in the pediatric dental community. Your child is always in good hands.

(RESOURCES: Here’s more helpful information about SMART treatment courtesy of Affiliated Children’s Dental Specialists of Glendale, AZ.)

From her unique partnership with The Institute for Craniofacial Medicine and Vivos Therapeutics to her SMART treatment, Dr. Lee makes My Rivertown Dentist the dental office in Madison everyone is talking about. Over the last few years, Dr. Lee has also been partnering with Vivos Therapeutics for a unique approach to sleep apnea or airway issues. She can do it all!

Please book an appointment today to have us take a look at your little one’s smile. We can work together to ensure their airway and oral health is in tip-top shape.

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