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The Benefits of My Rivertown Dentist’s Blue Club

added on: October 20, 2023

My Rivertown Dentist in Madison, IN welcomes patients across a wide range of income and insurance levels. Our practice developed the Blue Club to provide an affordable means of accessing consistent, high-quality dental care. This is done by charging a low yearly or monthly membership fee, with benefits beginning immediately. Haggling with insurance basically acts as a middleman, which is why we save you this step and pass the resulting savings on to you so you can get back to the important things in life.

Why Should I Join My Rivertown Dentist’s Blue Club?

Our in-house dental plan has many benefits and we’re happy to share them with you. Many patients appreciate the transparency, as well as the lack of deductibles, maximums, and any type of pre-approval that can create unnecessary roadblocks to receiving necessary dental care.

  • When you sign up for benefits, they begin immediately. No waiting!
  • The plan includes cleanings, exams, and routine X-rays.
  • Patients receive exclusive discounts on certain procedures, such as fillings.
  • We value 100% price transparency. No fine print or hidden fees.
  • The Blue Club removes deductibles, annual maximums, and pre-approvals.
  • Upon becoming a Blue Club member, a patient’s membership will remain active for 12 months from the date you joined. At this point, patients can choose to reenroll or opt-out.

A Breakdown of My Rivertown Dentist’s Blue Club Plans.

Our customizable care plans are designed to fit your family’s needs. Currently, the three options include:

  • Child Complete (ages 0-13)
  • Adult Complete (ages 14+)
  • Perio (ages 14+)

The children’s plan costs $20/month or $240/year. The plan includes two professional cleanings and exams, routine x-rays, one emergency exam, one fluoride treatment, and 20% off of other procedures completed at My Rivertown Dentist. The adult plan follows suit and costs $33/month or $396/year and adds two screenings to the plan while dropping the fluoride treatment.

How Do I Sign Up For My Rivertown Dentist’s Blue Club?

We strive to make dental care affordable, easy, and convenient. That’s why we make purchasing a Blue Club care plan as easy as possible. Patients can go to and use office code GA8M or take a photo of the QR code found on our website to navigate to instructions.

Interested in Learning More About Our Blue Club?

If you have any further questions about signing up for My Rivertown Dentist’s Blue Club, our helpful team is ready to answer them. We want you to be 100% confident in the services we provide and what the plan does and does not cover. At the end of the day, Dr. Ashley Lee wants to enable everyone to have affordable access to preventative care, such as cleanings and exams, that are proven methods for keeping your oral health in prime condition.

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