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The Top 3 “Little” Things That Can Lead to “Big” Cavities

added on: June 7, 2021
2 toddlers brushing their teeth

At My Rivertown Dentist in Madison, we care for patients of all ages and their smiles. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Ashley Lee, we’re able to care for everyone from grandkids to their grandparents. Today, we wanted to focus a little bit on your child’s oral health and overall health because the two are deeply connected. 

Here are the top three reasons kids can get cavities:

Reason #1 – Babies, toddler, and their bottles.

Sometimes it’s just easier to let your little one carry around or go to bed with a bottle of juice. We’ve probably all been there at least once and just needed some peace and quiet, right? However, the sugars and acids in certain drinks hang around on tiny teeth exposing them to potentially harmful bacteria. What comes next? Cavities!

Reason #2 – Rushing When Brushing. 

This is another instance where sometimes it’s just easier to pick your battles and not fight over brushing teeth. It can’t hurt to miss just one day or night, right? Make sure that your kiddo is supervised while brushing to ensure they’re actually doing it right, especially addressing their molars, for at least two minutes. 

Reason #3 – Missing Out on Trips to My Rivertown Dentist

Sometimes kids downright refuse to see the dentist, and it’s not different from what we hear from our adult patients too. It’s completely normal for everyone, at any age, to have some sort of nervousness about seeing their dentist. (Although it truly breaks our hearts that patients, both young and old, feel so scared or apprehensive about seeing a dentist in Madison.) Remember, we’re here to help, not hurt.

Come On Back!

We hope you’ll schedule a visit to see the team at My Rivertown Dentist in Madison, where patients like you are invited into a world of advanced dental care. We’ll take the time to get to really know you before we share all of the amazing technology, treatments, tools we have to help you heal.

We’re also happy to announce that under the expert guidance of Dr. Lee and our partnership with Vivos Therapeutics, we have advanced diagnostics/treatment solutions for issues (both in children and adults) with your airway, including:

Based on our findings and expert research, and findings from The Institute for Craniofacial Medicine, we can see beyond routine smile care for your child and possibly change their lives for the better using special oral appliances created by Vivos designed to help guide jaw development.

Please schedule some time to visit with us! We can’t wait to get to know you and your family. We care about your smile so much more.