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Welcome to Groundbreaking, Comprehensive Preventive Dental Care in Madison

added on: January 28, 2021
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Dr. Ashley Lee is Making Life Easier for Parents and Little Patients

Big things are happening for our littlest patients courtesy of a new kind of comprehensive care from the team at My Rivertown Dentist. We’ve always had a big focus or emphasis on providing patients of all ages with preventive care that’s aimed at not just helping your oral health, but also improving overall health and wellness. Now, we’re going one step further.

Under the expert guidance of Dr. Ashley Lee, our Madison dental office is changing the way we provide care and treatment planning, especially when it comes to your kiddo and their health based on expert research and findings from The Institute for Craniofacial Medicine. We are providing more advanced care than you can find anywhere else locally. It’s aimed specifically at building a foundation of oral health for the kiddos we care for at a young age. 

Welcome to the Co-Treatment You Never Knew You Needed (Until Now)

My Rivertown Dentist is partnering with Vivos Therapeutics, completing intensive training to provide a one-of-a-kind, comprehensive approach to children’s dentistry. What this means for you as a parent or guardian is that when we see your little one in the office we’re going the extra mile to improve their oral and overall health. We’ve expanded our examination process to where we’re no longer focusing solely on your kiddo’s teeth, we’re also concentrating on their:

  • Airway development
  • Breathing issues
  • Tongue and lip ties
  • How they swallow

Why do we care so much about airway health in children? Recent research has shown that the importance of a healthy airway dramatically impacts a child’s overall health.

Getting The Healthiest Start Possible

We care so much about airway growth and development, sleep-disordered breathing, and sleep apnea in children because of how they can greatly affect them both now and in the future. “Being able to help kids when they’re young can significantly change how they’re going to be as an adult as far as anatomical growth is concerned,” says Dr. Lee. “Because this type of therapy or treatment involves skeletal growth, it’s most beneficial to address issues when you’re a kid. Compared to an adult where it’s far more difficult if not impossible to fix.” 

Dr. Lee points out that as an adult, you’re looking at some form of surgery to address breathing or airway issues. “There are options to help, but it’s nothing like doing it when you’re a child. We aim to get to the problem right from the beginning, and help kids grow to become healthier adults,” she adds.

Together, Dr. Lee works with Vivos to create a unique treatment plan based on both her observations and what the Vivos team finds. We’re both here, acting as your trusted guide to helping your child have optimal oral health through their teen and adult years. With this revolutionary type of treatment, we can even eliminate the need for orthodontics in the future. Think about all the time, money, and effort you and your family will save!

We know you have more questions. Don’t hesitate to call Dr. Ashley Lee at My Rivertown Dentist in Madison to learn more. There will be plenty more content coming out about all of this and so much more as we share the amazing discoveries, opportunities, and success stories you have to see to believe.