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What to Do if Your Child is Struggling to Sleep

added on: June 21, 2022
My Rivertown Dentist in Madison

Sleeping issues or disorders are actually more common in children than you might think. Everything from insomnia or night terrors to sleepwalking and bed-wetting can make every evening an absolute nightmare for both parents and kids alike! When it comes to getting a good night’s rest, no one matters more than your little one. Allow our Madison dental office to tell you more. 

Understanding Your Frustrations as a Caregiver and Parent

At My Rivertown Dentist, we get that it can be frustrating when your child can’t sleep well. It makes everyone feel bad. You’ll find yourself rushing around in the morning because you can’t get them out of bed or having to deal with the moodiness that comes with not having the proper night’s sleep. When it comes down to it: Your child might be struggling with an underlying condition you didn’t know existed or anything about called sleep apnea. It is very troublesome for your child and even grownups too!

We Diagnose Differently at My Rivertown Dentist

If it’s determined that your child is having issues with their sleep patterns, our dental office in Madison is where you’ll want to turn. We don’t stop until all of our families, made up of generations of patients, can live healthier, happier lives. That means achieving total well-being beyond just treating your teeth. 

Under the expert guidance of Dr. Ashley Lee, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to single-handedly change how we provide our style of dental care and treatment planning in terms of our littlest patients. Everything we do, every recommendation we make, is based on expert research and findings from The Institute for Craniofacial Medicine. We are proud to say that we’re the only Madison dentist where you can find this information and in-depth dedication to you and your child’s dental care and development. We’re specifically focused on building a foundation of oral health for the kiddos we care for at a young age.

Ringing in a New Kind of Sleep

Over the last few years, Dr. Lee and the team at My Rivertown Dentist have been partnering with Vivos Therapeutics, which says that more than one billion people worldwide and 54 million Americans have some form of sleep apnea or obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The scary part is that most cases, especially in kiddos, go undiagnosed because no one wants to do a sleep study without staying overnight in a place you don’t know hooked up to machines.  

This is where our dental office in Madison is ahead of the game with the SleepImage Ring technology. The ring is comfortable and can help diagnose sleep issues in kiddos, especially sleep apnea, with 98.9 percent accuracy compared to overnight sleep studies or polysomnogram results. It also features an integrated app for added simplicity and ease of use compared to other at-home sleep tests. 

Are you ready to talk to Dr. Ashley Lee at My Rivertown Dentist in Madison to learn more? Schedule a consultation or give us a call and have a chat — today! We’ll take care of you and your little one just like family.