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With My Rivertown Dentist — Your Child Will Sleep Better Again

added on: December 16, 2022
My Rivertown Dentist in Madison

You read the headline correctly. Does it still seem strange that you see a pediatric dentist in Madison to give your child back the gift of sweet dreams? The truth is, Under the expert guidance of Dr. Ashley Lee and Dr. Sarah G. Hasewinkle, we can work with you and your family pediatrician to find solutions for your little ones. Always remember, we’re all in this together, helping you understand everything from cavities and fillings to sleep apnea

But how do you know if your child is having trouble sleeping? Are they having trouble breathing too? Do they grind their teeth? We love to ask all these questions at My Rivertown Dentist because sometimes the root of your child’s issues is right under their nose.

Let’s learn more about common sleep disorders in kids, including chronic snoring or teeth grinding.

Kiddos, Statistics, and Sleep

Parents will be happy to know that Dr. Lee is a parent like you who has struggled with helping her own kiddo sleep right. Her experience wasn’t uncommon. She had to work on getting the proper sleep apnea diagnosis through multiple doctor and specialist visits. 

It’s estimated that anywhere from one to four percent of children suffer from some form of sleep apnea between the young ages of two to eight. Other studies have found that sleep apnea can occur at any age when we’re young and developing and is often underdiagnosed. 

As your Madison pediatric dentist, Dr. Lee realized that she and Dr. Hasewinkle have the power to help break this cycle of misunderstanding or even misdiagnosing so that more kids can:

  • Breath easier
  • Sleep better
  • Live happier

We can show you how to help your family through advanced treatments from her partnership with The Institute for Craniofacial Medicine and Vivos Therapeutics.

Beyond Routine Smile Care for Your Child

You won’t have to worry about complicated surgeries to help your child sleep better. A custom oral appliance similar to a nightguard or a sports mouthguard could do the trick. We make it comfortable to wear, bringing you an innovative solution created especially for your child by Vivos to aid jaw development. This movement ultimately creates a wider airway and can keep your kiddo sleep apnea free for — LIFE!

Are you ready to talk to us? Schedule your appointment today at a time that works best for you. Together, My Rivertown Dentist will show you how to find sweet sleep relief for your child that will make a world of difference — awake or asleep.