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The Secret to Keeping Sleep Apnea From Ruining Everything

added on: September 8, 2021

At My Rivertown Dentist, we have unique, highly advanced technology and treatment methods specifically in place to address sleep apnea, both in adults and kids. We thought we’d take some time to talk about how it affects your teeth and your overall health (and why you should care). 

Answer These Questions Honestly

We have a couple of questions that we’d like you to think about how you would answer. 

  1. Are you constantly waking up in the morning with grogginess and irritability even though you thought you got a good night’s sleep? 
  2. Are you having frequent headaches? Is your bed partner sleeping somewhere else because of your loud, excessive snoring? 

There’s a reasonable chance sleep apnea is the reason why. Read on to learn how this sometimes life-threatening disorder can disrupt your life and what you can do to change it all. 

Is Sleep Apnea Affecting My Teeth?

According to the American Sleep Apnea Association, it’s estimated that 22 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea, but only 80 percent of those cases are ever correctly diagnosed? That’s a daunting statistic because sleep apnea can be so detrimental to your oral and overall health. 

Unfortunately, your teeth are susceptible to sleep apnea too. We often see patients who struggle with this sleep disorder who have hairline cracks, chips near the gum line, and worn down or broken teeth. How can snoring do all of this? As it turns out, about half of sleep apnea patients also grind their teeth or have bruxism. Sometimes bruxism results from you trying to get more oxygen, or it can directly contribute to the apnea itself.

How We Can Help

Under the expert guidance of Dr. Ashley Lee and her unique partnership with both The Institute for Craniofacial Medicine and Vivos Therapeutics, we have a more in-depth way of getting to the bottom of your sleep issues without surgery or a runaround. We genuinely care for your smile, but we’re also tuned in to how we affect your overall health as well. Your first step is to make an appointment at our Rivertown dental office for a comprehensive examination and consultation. At this time, we’re able to detect issues within your airway that could be linked to sleep apnea. 

Based on this and expert research and findings from the Institute, we can see beyond routine smile care for you and even your child; possibly changing lives for the better using special oral appliances created by Vivos designed to help guide jaw development. This movement ultimately creates a wider airway and can give you back a better, more restful night’s sleep. 

Make September a month you’ll always remember because you talked to My Rivertown Dentist about sleep apnea. Schedule your appointment for an exam today and start sleeping better tomorrow!

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